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AIDA PROJECT – Adriatic Identity through Development of Arts – Reopening of short list

Reopening of terms for updating the short list referred to in this notice for the assignment of assignments in the field of the

Aida project – adriatic identity through development of arts “reference number: italme 493

The partners of the aida project

  • koreja cooperative society social enterprise
  • molise culture foundation
  • tirana cultural center
  • ngo foundation lika

In execution of art. 2 of the public notice for the formation of an open list of experts for the conference of assignments in the aida project and on the basis of the specific needs of the artist cross border


That the covid-19 pandemic and the state of health emergency declared in various countries do not allow the activities of the aida project to be carried out regularly. The difficulties in moving and the mandatory quarantine periods that may involve the various operators of the project, can in fact prevent the continuation of the activities and the conclusion within the times provided in the wp of the application for participation.

This extraordinary situation consequently requires equally extraordinary project management solutions.

Precisely for this reason the partners of the aida project partners have decided to rectify this call in a short list open for each figure in the call (with no deadline in sending the application) updated every two months.

Attachment: short list notice + annex